Experimental Self-Portrait.

Shutterwords is a boutique media business of photography and writing works birthed from a Jamaican-based Indie Creative, Shane Brown-Daniels.

“I capture essential details and priceless moments of couples, families and friends, onto the adrenaline-pumped sports scene. I enjoy documenting with cameras, and especially like to create the ‘unaware shots’ — those that the subject doesn’t pose for.

A natural finish with flattering backgrounds is what I aim to produce. Through my lens, I emphasize a woman’s beauty, a man’s strength, a child’s innocence and a “technician’s skill”.

I’m an event photographer; my nature is speed, accuracy, and being detail-oriented. Weddings, funerals, concerts and other special events are what I excel in. Additionally, my delve into Sports photography has fired up a number of personal aspirations that cause me to tread upon unfamiliar ground.”

Assignment Highlights:

  • Official Photographer (assigned by Brightroom Inc./Marathonfoto and Peacock Sport Photo) of the Reggae Marathon & Half Marathon (December , 2013)
  • Official Photographer (assigned by Brightroom Inc) of the Reggae Marathon & Half Marathon (December, 2012)
  • Official Photographer of the Bigga, Little Ochie Seafood Carnival (July, 2011)